MAJ terminée. Nous sommes passés en version 14.6.2 . Pour consulter les "releases notes" associées c'est ici :

Commit 192b7413 authored by LETORT Sebastien's avatar LETORT Sebastien
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Merge branch '342-last-name-of-app-contact-is-in-lower-case-clean' into 'django'

Replace second call to email2name() by title(). title() already capitalize all...

Closes #342

See merge request !193
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......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ def email2name(email):
if '.' in value[0]:
data = value[0].split('.')
contact = data[0] + ' ' + data[1]
return email2name(contact.title())
return contact.title()
return value[0].capitalize()
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