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# ansible_experiment
Ansible post-deployment playbook. It copies the current (git) repository to the
remote host (ignoring the `.git` and `results` directories), setups, runs, and
teardowns the experiment, and finally retrieves the result back to the local
The `setup` must be located at `setup/run` and return an absolute path to a
directory which will be used to contain metadata an experiment results. It can
also accept a path, which it may use to determine the results directory. The
`experiment` script must be located in `experiment/run`, and accept a path as
argument (that path being the one output by the `setup` script). `teardown`
follows the same rules as the `experiment` script. This playbook only needs the
scripts to follow the same semantics.
The following `setup` and `teardown` can be used:
- [setup_experiment](
- [teardown_experiment](
## Dependencies
This playbook uses the
ansible module which uses `rsync` internally. This software is needed on the
local machine, and on all remote hosts.
We assume that the `setup`, `experiment` and `teardown` scripts have their
own way of managing their dependencies.
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