Commit 598fe215 authored by JANON Alexis's avatar JANON Alexis

main.yml: sync in results/{timestamp} dir instead of {results}

rsync only creates the latest node in the path (if necessary). Here, this
resulted in only creating the hostname directory and not the whole hierarchy.
parent 3af1f1e3
......@@ -56,12 +56,12 @@
creates: "{{ results_dir }}/teardown.tar.xz"
- name: Create local results directory
path: "{{ git_root }}/results"
path: "{{ git_root }}/results/{{ timestamp }}"
state: directory
delegate_to: localhost
- name: Retrieve results
mode: pull
dest: "{{ git_root }}/results/"
dest: "{{ git_root }}/results/{{ timestamp }}/"
src: "{{ results_dir }}"
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