Commit 6a21f331 authored by BOUCHERIE Raphael's avatar BOUCHERIE Raphael

added getopt for timing file

parent 253e9ad4
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@
#define TIMING_H
typedef double morse_time_t;
static void* morse_getaddr_null(const MORSE_desc_t *A, int m, int n);
enum iparam_timing {
IPARAM_THRDNBR, /* Number of cores */
......@@ -112,7 +111,8 @@ enum dparam_timing {
(void)M;(void)N;(void)K;(void)NRHS; \
(void)LDA;(void)LDB;(void)LDC; \
(void)IB;(void)MB;(void)NB;(void)P;(void)Q; \
(void)MT;(void)NT;(void)check; \
/* Paste code to allocate a matrix in desc if cond_init is true */
#define PASTE_CODE_ALLOCATE_MATRIX_TILE(_desc_, _cond_, _type_, _type2_, _lda_, _m_, _n_) \
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