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...@@ -24,17 +24,16 @@ ...@@ -24,17 +24,16 @@
#+end_src #+end_src
** Create a "Feature" branch in your fork ** Create a "Feature" branch in your fork
Now, you have your repository configured, and you want to create a
new pull request. The first step is to create a branch from the HEAD
of the your fork repository.
To add a new feature, fix a bug, and so on, you need to create a
new branch from the last state of the master branch
#+begin_src sh #+begin_src sh
git branch your_branch_name git branch your_branch_name
git checkout your_branch_name git checkout your_branch_name
#+end_src #+end_src
Apply your modifications in your branch. Then, you need to push this Apply your modifications in that "Feature" branch. Then, you need
branch on your online repository to push this branch on your online repository
#+begin_src sh #+begin_src sh
git push -f origin your_branch_name git push -f origin your_branch_name
#+end_src #+end_src
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