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      Merge branch 'issue47/renaming' into 'master' · 45c82f14
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      This MR is supposed to fix issue #47 by applying the suggestion of renaming discussed and a little more.
      Here is a summary of the filename changes:
      In include directory:
        * `morse.h` => `chameleon.h`
        * `chameleon/chameleon_config.h.in` stays as it is
        * `chameleon/morse_zc.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_zc.h` with all mixed-precision routines
        * `chameleon/morse_z.h`  => `chameleon/chameleon_z.h` with all single precision routines
        * `chameleon/morse_constants.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_constants.h` for all Chameleon constants
        * `chameleon/morse_fortran.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_fortran.h` for wrappers of `CHAMELEON_...` routines only
        * `chameleon/morse_simulate.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_simulate.h` might be integrated in `chameleon.h`
        * `chameleon/morse_struct.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_struct.h` for CHAMELEON structures (descriptors, context)
        * `chameleon/morse_types.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_types.h`
        * `chameleon/morse_runtime.h` => `runtime.h`
        * `chameleon/morse_struct.h` => `runtime/runtime_struct.h` for RUNTIME structures (context, sequence, options)
        * `chameleon/morse_kernels.h` => Integrated into chameleon_tasks.h
        * `chameleon/morse_tasks.h`  => `chameleon/chameleon_tasks.h`
        * `chameleon/morse_tasks_z.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_tasks_z.h`
        * `chameleon/morse_tasks_zc.h` => `chameleon/chameleon_tasks_zc.h`
      Regarding the functions and structures:
        * Everything related to the RUNTIME API (except the tasks) becomes RUNTIME_ something
           * This includes RUNTIME_sequence_t, RUNTIME_request_t and RUNTIME_option_t that were called MORSE_xxxx
           * MORSE_TASK_xxx becomes InsertTask_xxxx to remove the MORSE keyword, and not put the RUNTIME one, but any other suggestion is more than welcome
        * All MORSE_ functions become CHAMELEON_
        * The same for all structure related to Chameleon, except morse_desc_t that become matrix_desc_t in an attempt to be generic.
      All, and especially those involved in #47 discussions (@sylvand, @ltaief, @agullo, @fpruvost, @thibault, @furmento) please have a look and comment directly in the code on the web interface to start discussions where it's needed.
      I would like to close this issue as soon as possible, so we can definitely move towards the 1.0.0. Thanks.
      See merge request solverstack/chameleon!90
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      Link name · 28682c21
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      Restore project acronym · 7b0bc788
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      Fix type size issue with starpu · 55051a20
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      Update cmake · 09098983
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      Morse tryed to stay alive · 5f83bffb
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      RIP morse · 5ee2abef
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      Fix compilation with quark and parsec · 165fe037
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      Fix compilation in MPI/CUDA · 403748f0
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