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### Authors
First, since the Chameleon library started as an extension of the PLASMA library
to support multiple runtime systems, all developpers of the PLASMA library are
developpers of the Chameleon library.
The following people contributed to the development of Chameleon:
* Emmanuel Agullo, PI
* Olivier Aumage
* Cedric castagnede
* Terry Cojean
* Mathieu Faverge, PI
* Nathalie Furmento
* Reazul Hoque, PaRSEC support
* Gregoire Pichon, Two-sided algorithms
* Florent Pruvost, PI, Cmake and spack
* Marc Sergent
* Guillaume Sylvand
* Samuel Thibault, StarPU support
* Omar Zenati
If we forgot your name, please let us know that we can fix that mistake.
### Citing Chameleon
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