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initiate a where we could define rules for developers

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README for developers
This page is dedicated to rules and conventions that Chameleon's
developers must follow and that should be read by contributors.
Gitlab flow
TODO - Right here how to use git and gitlab to push modifications into
### Update submodules
Chameleon git project depends on a "submodule" git, located in
cmake_modules/morse_cmake and hosted here
To update this submodule to the last development state, follow these
git submodule update --remote cmake_modules/morse_cmake
git commit cmake_modules/morse_cmake -m "update morse_cmake submodule"
git push --recurse-submodules=check
TODO - Right here how to generate the documentation.
TODO - Right here the steps to create a new release:
- what needs to be checked (ctest, docummentation, version, ...)
- how to generate the package .tar.gz
- what and where to publish externally
Naming and writting conventions
TODO - Right here the rules and conventions used in the source code.
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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Get Chameleon
To use last development states of Chameleon, please clone the master
branch. Note that Chameleon contains a `git submodule` **morse_cmake**.
branch. Note that Chameleon contains a `git submodule` **morse_cmake**.
To get sources please use these commands:
# if git version >= 1.9
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