Commit cc5b791c authored by Mathieu Faverge's avatar Mathieu Faverge
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Merge branch 'nocalibrate' into 'master'

Do not enable calibration by default

See merge request !33
parents bed75474 0d99fdd7
Subproject commit 8b867b974fe1f03ff1afa2d3502a41add10d31a9
Subproject commit 32c1ba6ae5d7e19d570ac3bd86a24acb82f2081e
......@@ -62,12 +62,6 @@ int RUNTIME_init_scheduler( MORSE_context_t *morse, int ncpus, int ncudas, int n
conf->ncuda = ncudas;
conf->nopencl = 0;
/* By default, enable calibration */
if (!getenv("STARPU_CALIBRATE"))
conf->calibrate = 1;
/* By default, use the dmdas strategy */
if (!getenv("STARPU_SCHED")) {
if (conf->ncuda > 0) {
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