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add a ChangeLog file for releases

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r2253 | fpruvost | 2015-06-19 16:57:27 +0200 (ven. 19 juin 2015)
- update users_guide
- activate MAGMA kernels for simulation mode
- magma_ztsqrt_gpu is now defined in magma-1.6.0: change the name of our magma routine in magma_ztsqrt2_gpu
- avoid problem of compatibility with MAGMA with lapack_const
- add cublas interface v2 (not used for now because starpu does not manage cublas handles)
- use WORKC workspace for better performances in tsmqr
- add lapacke headers
- enable to use lapacke in lapack (MKL)
- correct restrict zsytrf_nopiv
- save config of build in config.log
- improve potrf+potrs on distributed systems
- add a MORSE_VERBOSE mode to activate or not hints during the detection
- add the codelet name information in starpu_codelet for eztrace starpu module interceptions
- change the name of the installed chameleon .pc file: no more starpu or quark suffix
- change installation directories for headers, executables and docs. Make it relative to chameleon to avoid a bloody mess in system dirs
- add an example to link with chameleon in cmake using FindCHAMELEON.cmake
- update intern cmake Finds
- recursive cmake finds,
- add link tests
- MKLROOT env var. is considered
- env var. for libraries dir. are considered (ex: export HWLOC_DIR=/home/toto/install/hwloc)
- improve Find BLAS for gnu compilo and threaded mkl
- if hints are given by user to find libs (CMake option or env. var) --> do not use pkg-config
- avoid to call MPI_Finalize if MPI has been initialized by user
- add MORSE_Pause/Resume function to avoid CPU consumption when no tasks have to be executed
r2019 | pruvost | 2014-11-16 18:43:03 +0100 (Sun, 16 Nov 2014)
- First release of chameleon
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