Commit a39e03bc authored by Mathieu Faverge's avatar Mathieu Faverge

Add geadd GPU kernel

parent c3b46563
* @copyright (c) 2009-2014 The University of Tennessee and The University
* of Tennessee Research Foundation.
* All rights reserved.
* @copyright (c) 2012-2016 Inria. All rights reserved.
* @copyright (c) 2012-2014 Bordeaux INP, CNRS (LaBRI UMR 5800), Inria, Univ. Bordeaux. All rights reserved.
* @file cuda_zgeadd.c
* MORSE cudablas kernel
* MORSE is a software package provided by Univ. of Tennessee,
* Univ. of California Berkeley and Univ. of Colorado Denver,
* and INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
* @author Florent Pruvost
* @date 2015-09-17
* @precisions normal z -> c d s
#include "cudablas/include/cudablas.h"
#include "cudablas/include/cudablas_z.h"
#error "This file requires cublas api v2 support"
int CUDA_zgeadd(MORSE_enum transa, MORSE_enum transb,
int m, int n, int k,
cuDoubleComplex *alpha,
const cuDoubleComplex *A, int lda,
const cuDoubleComplex *B, int ldb,
cuDoubleComplex *beta,
cuDoubleComplex *C, int ldc,
morse_cublas_const(transa), morse_cublas_const(transb),
m, n, k,
CUBLAS_VALUE(alpha), A, lda,
B, ldb,
CUBLAS_VALUE(beta), C, ldc);
assert( CUBLAS_STATUS_SUCCESS == cublasGetError() );
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