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* TODO List
** migrate chameleon svn to gitlab
** update the documentation
** release sources of chameleon directly with CMake/CPack
** too many options for users: hide some advanced options
** validate parsec
Chameleon: A dense linear algebra software for heterogeneous architectures
Chameleon is a C library providing parallel algorithms to perform
BLAS/LAPACK operations exploiting fully modern architectures.
Chameleon dense linear algebra software relies on sequential
task-based algorithms where sub-tasks of the overall algorithms are
submitted to a Runtime system. Such a system is a layer between the
application and the hardware which handles the scheduling and the
effective execution of tasks on the processing units. A Runtime system
such as [StarPU]( is able to manage
automatically data transfers between not shared memory area
(CPUs-GPUs, distributed nodes).
This kind of implementation paradigm allows to design high performing
linear algebra algorithms on very different type of architecture:
laptop, many-core nodes, CPUs-GPUs, multiple nodes. For example,
Chameleon is able to perform a Cholesky factorization
(double-precision) at 80 TFlop/s on a dense matrix of order 400 000
(i.e. 4 min). Chameleon is a sub-project of
[MORSE]( specifically dedicated to dense
linear algebra.
Get Chameleon
To use last development states of Chameleon, please clone the master
branch hosted here, /i.e./:
git clone
Last releases of Chameleon are hosted on the
[]( for now.
Future releases will be available on this gitlab project.
There is no up-to-date documentation of Chameleon. We would like to
provide a doxygen documentation hosted on
[gitlab]( in
the future.
The documentation of Chameleon's last release is available here:
### Build and install with CMake
Chameleon can be built using [CMake]( This
installation requires to have some library dependencies already
installed on the system.
Please refer to the
to get configuration information.
### Distribution of Chameleon
To get support to install a full distribution (Chameleon +
dependencies) we encourage users to use the morse branch of
Please read these documentations:
* [Spack Morse](
* [Section Chameleon](
Get involved!
### Mailing list
### Contributions
### Authors
### Citing Chameleon
### Licence
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