Commit 97fe07d3 authored by PRUVOST Florent's avatar PRUVOST Florent

add a rule for make_cuFloatComplex/make_cuDoubleComplex

parent 3db67ddf
......@@ -244,6 +244,7 @@ subs = {
('real', 'double precision', 'real', r'\bdouble precision' ), # before double
('float', 'double', 'float _Complex', r'\bdouble _Complex' ),
('float', 'double', 'cuFloatComplex', r'\bcuDoubleComplex' ),
('float', 'double', 'make_cuFloatComplex', 'make_cuDoubleComplex' ),
('float', 'double', 'magmaFloatComplex', r'\bmagmaDoubleComplex' ),
('float', 'double', 'PLASMA_Complex32_t', r'\bPLASMA_Complex64_t' ),
('float', 'double', 'PLASMA_voidComplex32_t', r'\bPLASMA_voidComplex64_t' ),
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