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Update contributors list with forgotten people

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......@@ -105,16 +105,18 @@ dedicated to dense linear algebra.
The following people contributed to the development of Chameleon:
* Emmanuel Agullo, PI
* Olivier Aumage
* Cedric castagnede
* Cedric Castagnede
* Terry Cojean
* Mathieu Faverge, PI
* Nathalie Furmento
* Reazul Hoque, PaRSEC support
* Hatem Ltaief
* Gregoire Pichon, Two-sided algorithms
* Florent Pruvost, PI, CMake and Spack
* Marc Sergent
* Guillaume Sylvand
* Samuel Thibault, StarPU support
* Stanimire Tomov
* Omar Zenati
If we forgot your name, please let us know that we can fix that mistake.
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