Commit 6f5abd11 authored by THIBAULT Samuel's avatar THIBAULT Samuel
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Fix documentation of default warmup configuration

parent a21a4c7b
......@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ show_help(char *prog_name) {
" --[a]sync Enable/Disable synchronous calls in wrapper function such as POTRI. (default: async)\n"
" --[no]check Check result (default: nocheck)\n"
" --[no]inv Check on inverse (default: noinv)\n"
" --[no]warmup Perform a warmup run to pre-load libraries (default: warmup)\n"
" --[no]warmup Perform a warmup run to pre-load libraries (default: nowarmup)\n"
" --[no]trace Enable/Disable trace generation (default: notrace)\n"
" --[no]dag Enable/Disable DAG generation (default: nodag)\n"
" Generates a\n"
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