Commit 32c7031e authored by PRUVOST Florent's avatar PRUVOST Florent

keep ctest build to get warnings in cdash

parent 05b67e01
......@@ -18,7 +18,11 @@ before_script:
- (cd build &&
cmake -C ../cmake_modules/gitlab-ci-initial-cache.cmake .. $BUILD_OPTIONS &&
scan-build -plist --intercept-first --analyze-headers -o analyzer_reports make -j5 | tee ../chameleon_${VERSION}.log)
scan-build -plist --intercept-first --analyze-headers -o analyzer_reports
ctest --no-compress-output -V -j 5
-D ExperimentalBuild
-D ExperimentalSubmit
| tee ../chameleon_${VERSION}.log)
- (cd build &&
make install | tee -a ../chameleon_${VERSION}.log &&
rm install/ -r)
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