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Enabling auto-completion for chameleon in emacs (spacemacs)

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* Enabling auto-completion for chameleon in spacemacs
** Install clang compiler on the system
#+begin_src sh :results output :exports both
sudo aptitude install clang
** Enabling c-c++ layer in spacemacs
Enable [[][c-c++ spacemacs layer]] with clang support:
#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers
'((c-c++ :variables c-c++-enable-clang-support t)))
** Installing Chameleon
#+begin_src sh :results output :exports both
export CHAMELEON_DIR=/path/to/chameleon-src/
spack install -v chameleon~simu@src ^mkl
** Loading modules
#+begin_src sh :results output :exports both
module purge
spack load chameleon ; spack load cmake ; spack load fxt ; spack load openmpi ; spack load hwloc ; spack load starpu
** Building chameleon with
#+begin_src sh :results output :exports both
mkdir spack-cc_args-build
cd spack-cc_args-build
CC=' gcc'
** Gathering the clang_complete information to the src directory
We now gather, sort and unify the .clang_complete information we obtained from
the build to the src directory:
#+begin_src sh :results output :exports both
find . | grep clang_complete | xargs cat | sort | uniq > ../clang_complete
** Restart spacemacs (optional)
M-m q r: restart both emacs and the server, prompting to save any changed buffers
** Check company state
M-m h d v: company-clang-arguments
** Enjoy
* Sources
** Beautiful spacemacs tutorial on advanced c/c++ usage
(starting ~40')
** .clang_complete
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