Commit 27e4d8c3 authored by BOUCHERIE Raphael's avatar BOUCHERIE Raphael


parent 657f29b3
......@@ -373,7 +373,7 @@ show_help(char *prog_name) {
" -N, --n_range=R Range of N values\n"
" with R=Start:Stop:Step (default: 500:5000:500)\n"
" -k, --k, --K, --nrhs=x Dimension (K) of the matrices or number of right-hand size (default: 1)\n"
" -b, --nb=x Nb size. (default: 320)\n"
" -b, --nb=x NB size. (default: 320)\n"
" -i, --ib=x IB size. (default: 32)\n"
//" -x, --mx=x ?\n" todo
//" -X, --nx=x ?\n" todo
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