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Add doc in org-mode file

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......@@ -116,15 +116,15 @@ int CHAMELEON_map_Tile_Async( cham_uplo_t uplo,
chamctxt = chameleon_context_self();
if (chamctxt == NULL) {
chameleon_fatal_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile", "CHAMELEON not initialized");
chameleon_fatal_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile_Async", "CHAMELEON not initialized");
if (sequence == NULL) {
chameleon_fatal_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile", "NULL sequence");
chameleon_fatal_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile_Async", "NULL sequence");
if (request == NULL) {
chameleon_fatal_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile", "NULL request");
chameleon_fatal_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile_Async", "NULL request");
/* Check sequence status */
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ int CHAMELEON_map_Tile_Async( cham_uplo_t uplo,
/* Check descriptors for correctness */
if (chameleon_desc_check(A) != CHAMELEON_SUCCESS) {
chameleon_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile", "invalid descriptor");
chameleon_error("CHAMELEON_map_Tile_Async", "invalid descriptor");
return chameleon_request_fail(sequence, request, CHAMELEON_ERR_ILLEGAL_VALUE);
......@@ -857,21 +857,23 @@
* heevd: eigenvalues/eigenvectors computation with A Hermitian
* *Extra routines*
* *Norms*
* lange: computes norm of a matrix (Max, One, Inf, Frobenius)
* lange: compute norm of a matrix (Max, One, Inf, Frobenius)
* lanhe: lange with A Hermitian
* lansy: lange with A symmetric
* lantr: lange with A triangular
* *Random matrices generation*
* plghe: generates a random Hermitian matrix
* plgsy: generates a random symmetrix matrix
* plrnt: generates a random matrix
* plghe: generate a random Hermitian matrix
* plgsy: generate a random symmetrix matrix
* plrnt: generate a random matrix
* *Others*
* geadd: general matrix matrix addition
* lacpy: copy matrix into another
* lascal: scales a matrix
* lascal: scale a matrix
* laset: copy the triangular part of a matrix into another, set a
value for the diagonal and off-diagonal part
* tradd: trapezoidal matrices addition
* *Map functions*
* map: apply a user operator on each tile of the matrix
**** Options routines
Enable CHAMELEON feature.
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