Commit f1d10c25 authored by Maverick Chardet's avatar Maverick Chardet
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Fixed list of files to get

parent 3f44d3d0
......@@ -36,7 +36,10 @@ def run_experiment(list_nb_components, list_nb_parallel_transitions, nb_repeats,
) as concerto_g5k:
concerto_g5k.get_files(['stdout', 'stderr', 'results.gpl', 'results.json', 'times.json'])
files_to_get = ['stdout', 'stderr', 'times.json']
for i in range(list_nb_parallel_transitions):
files_to_get += ['results_%d_transitions.gpl' % i, 'results_%d_transitions.json' % i]
def perform_experiment(list_nb_components: List[int], list_nb_parallel_transitions: List[int], nb_repeats: int,
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