Commit d8295030 authored by Maverick Chardet's avatar Maverick Chardet
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Roles without Concerto machine

parent 322f0755
......@@ -33,7 +33,12 @@ class G5kReservation:
def generate_inventory(self, path):
from enoslib.api import generate_inventory as el_generate_inventory
el_generate_inventory(self._roles, self._networks, path)
from copy import deepcopy
roles_no_concerto = deepcopy(self._roles)
concerto_machine = roles_no_concerto["concerto"][0]
del roles_no_concerto["concerto"]
roles_no_concerto["all"] = filter(lambda x: x != concerto_machine, roles_no_concerto["all"])
el_generate_inventory(roles_no_concerto, self._networks, path)
self._inventory_path = path
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