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use max configs =1 to limit the number of preprocessors configs

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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
export CPPCHECK_INCLUDES="-Ibuild/src/libpampa -Isrc/libpampa -Isrc/pampa-remesh -Isrc/samples/C/include -Isrc/remeshers/gmsh -Isrc/remeshers/tetgen -Isrc/remeshers/common -Isrc/remeshers/mmg3d/libpampa-mmg3d4 -Isrc/remeshers/mmg3d/libpampa-mmg3d"
cppcheck -j4 -v --force --language=c --platform=unix64 --enable=all --xml --xml-version=2 --suppress=missingIncludeSystem ${CPPCHECK_INCLUDES} ${SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE} 2> scotch-cppcheck.xml
cppcheck -v -f --max-configs=1 --language=c --platform=unix64 --enable=all --xml --xml-version=2 --suppress=missingIncludeSystem ${CPPCHECK_INCLUDES} ${SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE} 2> scotch-cppcheck.xml
rats -w 3 --xml ${SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE} > scotch-rats.xml
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