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Commit 76783e20 authored by PRUVOST Florent's avatar PRUVOST Florent

make valgrind memcheck in ctests optional

parent e08337bf
......@@ -83,6 +83,11 @@ set(CMAKE_Fortran_MODULE_DIRECTORY ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/MOD)
set(VALGRIND_EXE "/usr/bin/valgrind" CACHE TYPE "Valgrind with its path")
set(VALGRIND_ARGS "" CACHE TYPE "Valgrind arguments")
option(PAMPA_CTEST_MEMCHECK "Use valgrind memcheck explicitly during ctests" OFF)
set(VALGRIND_EXE "" CACHE TYPE "Valgrind with its path" FORCE)
set(VALGRIND_ARGS "" CACHE TYPE "Valgrind arguments" FORCE)
option(FORTRAN_INTERFACE "Build fortran interface to use PaMPA in fortran programs" OFF)
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