Commit a683d701 authored by BERTON Florian Gaetan Hubert's avatar BERTON Florian Gaetan Hubert
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#9 modif example to record head bounding boxes

parent dbf24856
......@@ -60,5 +60,15 @@ public class GetMemberPositionRocketBox : GetMemberPosition
"Bip01 R Foot",
"Bip01 R Toe0Nub"
//FB have better game object
HeadListMember = new List<string>
"Bip01 HeadNub",
"Bip01 Neck",
"Bip01 MNoseNub",
"Bip01 LMasseterNub",
"Bip01 RMasseterNub",
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
<lookAtAgent agentID="-1" />
<followAgent agentID="0" followOnX="true" followOnY="false" />
<recording start="5" end="10" framerate="15" BodyBoundingBoxes="true">
<recording start="5" end="10" framerate="15" BodyBoundingBoxes="true" HeadBoundingBoxes="true">
<AgentColorList />
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