Commit 76cc8b01 authored by VAN TOLL Wouter's avatar VAN TOLL Wouter
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WorldToric: Fixed a bug due to x/y mix-up.

parent af4c4a9d
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ NeighborList WorldToric::ComputeNeighbors(const Vector2D& position, float search
if (position.y - search_radius < -0.5*height_)
computeNeighbors_Displaced(position, Vector2D(0, height_), search_radius, queryingAgent, result);
if (position.x + search_radius > 0.5*height_)
if (position.y + search_radius > 0.5*height_)
computeNeighbors_Displaced(position, Vector2D(0, -height_), search_radius, queryingAgent, result);
return result;
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