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Commit 5eda2fb0 authored by VAN TOLL Wouter's avatar VAN TOLL Wouter
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Removed some files that were added by accident.

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:: policies
FOR %%P IN (Dutra Karamouzas Moussaid ORCA PLEdestrians PowerLaw RVO SocialForces) DO (
:: scenarios
FOR %%S IN (Circle5 Circle10 Circle15 Circle25 Circle50 1to1-90Degrees 1to1-135Degrees 1to1-180Degrees 1to10-45Degrees 1to10-90Degrees 1to10-180Degrees 25to25-90Degrees 25to25-180Degrees) DO (
SET outputFolder=%cd%\output\%%S\%%P
SET scenarioFile=examples/%%S-%%P.xml
if not exist "!outputFolder!" mkdir "!outputFolder!"
"build/Release/UMANS_ConsoleApplication_Windows.exe" -i "!scenarioFile!" -o "!outputFolder!" -t 4
= Release notes
- The console application now measures and reports the running time.
- [#88] The console application now correctly uses the "number of threads" parameter.
- PowerLaw: Now ignoring collisions that are more than tau0 seconds away.
- WorldToric: Fixed a mix-up of x and y.
**Performance improvements:**
- PhantomAgent now caches values that were often re-computed.
- Faster construction of nearest-neighbor lists.
- More parallel-friendly use of pointers.
- Decreased the "range" (neighbor distance) from 100 to 5 meters in all example policies. This changes the output slightly, but it is crucial for efficiency.
- GoalReachingForce, RandomFunction: Decreased the default "range" to 0, as these functions do not use any neighbors.
**Other improvements:**
- Modernized CostFunctionFactory, using C++ templates instead of C macros.
\ No newline at end of file
:: Batch file for creating a stand-alone release of the UMANS binaries.
:: Created by Wouter van Toll on April 28, 2020.
set version=1.0.1
set RootFolder=C:\Users\wvantoll\Documents\Code
set UMANSFolder=%RootFolder%\UMANS
set UMANSBuildFolder=%UMANSFolder%\build\Release
set TargetFolder=%RootFolder%\UMANS-v%version%-win
set TargetFolderLicenses=%TargetFolder%\3rd-party-licenses
set TargetFolderBinaries=%TargetFolder%\bin
cd "%UMANSFolder%"
:: create main output folder
echo Creating target directory %TargetFolder%...
mkdir "%TargetFolder%"
:: copy readme files
echo Copying readme files...
for %%F in ( COPYING) do (
copy "%UMANSFolder%\%%F" "%TargetFolder%\%%F"
:: copy examples
echo Copying example files...
robocopy "%UMANSFolder%\examples" "%TargetFolder%\examples" /e /copyall /NFL /NDL /NJH /NJS /nc /ns /np
:: copy licenses
echo Copying license files...
mkdir "%TargetFolderLicenses%"
for %%F in (earcut nanoflann ORCA tinyxml) do (
copy "%UMANSFolder%\src\3rd-party\%%F\LICENSE-%%F" "%TargetFolderLicenses%\LICENSE-%%F"
:: do a full Windows deploy of the Qt GUI application
echo Deploying Qt application...
cd C:\Qt\5.12.0\msvc2017_64\bin
windeployqt "%UMANSBuildFolder%\UMANS-GUI.exe"
:: copy the bin folder
echo Copying binaries and Qt files...
mkdir "%TargetFolderBinaries%"
robocopy "%UMANSBuildFolder%" "%TargetFolderBinaries%" /e /copyall /xf *.lib *.exp /NFL /NDL /NJH /NJS /nc /ns /np
:: create a ZIP file
echo Creating zip file...
cd "%UMANSFolder%"
7z a "" "%TargetFolder%" -mx9
doxygen Doxyfile
\ No newline at end of file
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