Commit 130d74c0 authored by VAN TOLL Wouter's avatar VAN TOLL Wouter
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Bugfix in TtcaDca::GetCost().

parent 82b560d5
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ float TtcaDca::GetCost(const Vector2D& velocity, Agent* agent, const WorldBase *
const Vector2D& relVelocity = neighbor.GetVelocity() - velocity;
// ignore neighbors that are behind the agent; the original Dutra method uses rendering, and agents always face forward
if (angle(relVelocity, agent->getVelocity()) > viewingAngleHalf_)
if (angle(relPos, agent->getVelocity()) > viewingAngleHalf_)
// there is adaptation only if relative velocity is not zero
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