Commit 025dd889 authored by LOPEZ GANDIA Axel's avatar LOPEZ GANDIA Axel
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Temporal Fix for Boost in Windows. Boost header need to be placed in C:/local (hard codded)

parent 64bd5094
......@@ -7,6 +7,10 @@ include_directories( ./include )
link_directories( ./lib/${CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE} )
if (WIN32)
include_directories( C:/local )
endif (WIN32)
file( GLOB_RECURSE source_files src/* include/* )
add_executable( my_app ${source_files} include/obstacle/Obstacle.cpp include/obstacle/Obstacle.h include/crowdSimulator/CrowdSimulator.cpp include/crowdSimulator/CrowdSimulator.h include/policy/Policy.cpp include/policy/Policy.h)
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