Commit e11adea1 authored by GILLES Sebastien's avatar GILLES Sebastien

#1341 Fix the libdir in linux pre-cache file.

parent 93c644c6
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ set(MOREFEM_NO_TRAP_SNES_EXCEPTION False CACHE BOOL "If true, exceptions aren't
set(BLAS_CUSTOM_LINKER False CACHE BOOL "If BLAS_CUSTOM_LINKER is true, BLAS_LIB field must give the command use to link with Blas. For instance on macOS it is usually \"-framework Accelerate\" (Beware: Without the quotes CMake will mute this into -framework -Accelerate). If False, FindLibrary is used to find the Blas library to be used, as for the other libraries in this file. The difference is that the name of the .a, .so or .dylib is not known, so it must be given in BLAS_LIB_NAME field. For instance openblas to find libopenblas.a in BLAS_LIB_DIR.")
set(BLAS_LIB openblas CACHE STRING "Name of the Blas lib (e.g. openblas) or command to pass if custom linker is used; see BLAS_CUSTOM_LINKER." )
set(BLAS_LIB_DIR ${MOREFEM_THIRD_PARTY_LIBRARIES_DIR}/Openblas/lib CACHE STRING "None or path to the lib directory of Blas (see BLAS_CUSTOM_LINKER).")
set(OPEN_MPI_INCL_DIR ${MOREFEM_THIRD_PARTY_LIBRARIES_DIR}/Openmpi/include CACHE PATH "Include directory of Openmpi library.")
set(OPEN_MPI_LIB_DIR ${MOREFEM_THIRD_PARTY_LIBRARIES_DIR}/Openmpi/lib CACHE PATH "Lib directory of Openmpi library." )
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