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#820 SolidDeltaResidual: computation is now closer to what we really want...

#820 SolidDeltaResidual: computation is now closer to what we really want (there is only a factor missing). However a factor 2. introduced as a hack is still there; this will require investigation (it won't work in all likelihood in later iterations).
parent 29e7fca5
......@@ -204,15 +204,15 @@ namespace HappyHeart
const auto& dI2dC = invariant_holder.template GetFirstDerivativeWrtCauchyGreen<2>();
const auto& dI3dC = invariant_holder.template GetFirstDerivativeWrtCauchyGreen<3>();
const double dWdI1 = law.FirstDerivativeWFirstInvariant(invariant_holder, quad_pt, geom_elt);
const double dWdI2 = law.FirstDerivativeWSecondInvariant(invariant_holder, quad_pt, geom_elt);
const double dWdI3 = law.FirstDerivativeWThirdInvariant(invariant_holder, quad_pt, geom_elt);
const double d2WdI1dm = law.SecondDerivativeWwrtFirstInvariantAndFluidMass(invariant_holder, quad_pt, geom_elt);
const double d2WdI2dm = law.SecondDerivativeWwrtSecondInvariantAndFluidMass(invariant_holder, quad_pt, geom_elt);
const double d2WdI3dm = law.SecondDerivativeWwrtThirdInvariantAndFluidMass(invariant_holder, quad_pt, geom_elt);
Seldon::Add(dWdI1, dI1dC, dW);
Seldon::Add(dWdI2, dI2dC, dW);
Seldon::Add(dWdI3, dI3dC, dW);
Seldon::Add(d2WdI1dm, dI1dC, dW);
Seldon::Add(d2WdI2dm, dI2dC, dW);
Seldon::Add(d2WdI3dm, dI3dC, dW);
Seldon::Mlt(2., dW);
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