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#0 Remove obsolete documentation.

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......@@ -151,8 +151,6 @@ namespace MoReFEM
* \copydoc doxygen_hide_mpi_param
* \param[in] interpolator_directory Directory which includes the data relevant to rebuild an object. It should include at least a file
* 'matrix.m' and possibly another named "matrix_pattern.lua" (see below).
* \copydoc doxygen_hide_from_vertex_matching_do_store_matrix_pattern_arg
* If \a do_store_matrix_pattern is 'yes' \a interpolator_directory is expected to have a file named "matrix_pattern.lua"
* If you want to see how this can be deployed in one of your model have a look at the \a FromVertexMatching Model, which shows the lines
* to be written in normal and from prepartitioned data runs (it boils down to call the \a Print() method of current interpolator in normal run and
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