Commit 6f1322fc authored by GILLES Sebastien's avatar GILLES Sebastien
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#724 SCons: now if no target is given, a message gives the list of possible targets.

parent a0952469
......@@ -290,7 +290,6 @@ def CreateObjectList(source_list):
# In this case the call above raise an exception; I assume here it is because \a source_file
# is already an object.
obj_file = source_file
......@@ -502,8 +501,6 @@ for library in libraries:
all_libs = [libname] + all_libs
print all_libs
env.Alias('libraries', libs_for_alias)
# Now create the executables for all the problems.
......@@ -539,11 +536,14 @@ for library in exec_library_list:
env.Command(os.path.join(target_variant_directory, libname), library, InstallStaticLibrary)
if aliases:
print 'Available Build Aliases:'
print '-----'
# Make sure a target has been chosen.
print('Warning: no target was actually given, and as a result nothing was built. Possible targets are (more than one might be specified):')
aliases = SCons.Node.Alias.default_ans.keys()
for x in aliases:
print x
print '-----'
\ No newline at end of file
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