Commit 4b4b35c9 authored by GILLES Sebastien's avatar GILLES Sebastien
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#723 SCons: adapt to the new architecture.

parent 3edd5ab6
......@@ -15,13 +15,19 @@ fsi_ei_src = Split('''
fsi_ei_lib = HappyHeartLibrary(env, 'happy_heart_fsi_ei', fsi_ei_src, [all_libs, fsi_requirements_lib])
main_fsi_ei_src = Split('''
main_fsi_ei_aitken_src = Split('''
fsi_ei = HappyHeartProgram(env, 'fsi_ei', main_fsi_ei_src, [all_libs, fsi_requirements_lib, fsi_ei_lib])
main_fsi_ei_newton_src = Split('''
fsi_ei_aitken = HappyHeartProgram(env, 'fsi_ei_aitken', main_fsi_ei_aitken_src, [all_libs, fsi_requirements_lib, fsi_ei_lib])
fsi_ei_newton = HappyHeartProgram(env, 'fsi_ei_newton', main_fsi_ei_newton_src, [all_libs, fsi_requirements_lib, fsi_ei_lib])
list_exec = (fsi_ei, )
list_exec = (fsi_ei_aitken, fsi_ei_newton)
list_lib = (fsi_ei_lib, )
Return('list_exec', 'list_lib')
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