Commit 217807cb authored by GILLES Sebastien's avatar GILLES Sebastien
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#1456 Remove the possibility to supply a supplementary subdirectory to MoReFEMData constructor.

parent d5c2bea9
......@@ -90,10 +90,8 @@ namespace MoReFEM
* \param[in] argc Number of argument in the command line (including the program name).
* \param[in] argv List of arguments read.
* \param[in] suppl_result_subdir If not empty, add to the path read in the input data file the subdir
* specified here. The whole directory is created if it doesn't exist already.
explicit MoReFEMData(int argc, char** argv, std::string&& suppl_result_subdir = "");
explicit MoReFEMData(int argc, char** argv);
//! Destructor.
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ namespace MoReFEM
class AdditionalCommandLineArgumentsPolicyT
MoReFEMData<InputDataT, DoTrackUnusedFieldsT, AdditionalCommandLineArgumentsPolicyT>
::MoReFEMData(int argc, char** argv, std::string&& suppl_result_subdir)
::MoReFEMData(int argc, char** argv)
Wrappers::Mpi::InitEnvironment(argc, argv);
......@@ -192,16 +192,6 @@ namespace MoReFEM
result_directory_ = ipl::Extract<Result::OutputDirectory>::Folder(*input_data_);
if (!suppl_result_subdir.empty())
result_directory_ += "/" + suppl_result_subdir;
if (mpi.IsRootProcessor() && !FilesystemNS::Folder::DoExist(result_directory_))
FilesystemNS::Folder::Create(result_directory_, __FILE__, __LINE__);
InitTimeKeepLog(mpi, result_directory_);
const auto& binary_output = ipl::Extract<Result::BinaryOutput>::Value(*input_data_);
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