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Starting from v18.47, the ticket numbers in bold are those that might break compatibility in models.
# Development
# v19.29
## Outputs
- Feature #1422: Offers the possibility to write results in binary. Petsc vector has been extended to enable reload of those values (see ThirdParty tickets below).
- __Feature #1421__: Changing the output directory so that each processor writes in its own folder and add an optional timestamp. _Note:_ the compatibility break here concerns tests and Ensight outputs.
## Utilities / ThirdParty
- Feature #1453 PetscVector: enrich the way a vector can be built with more reloading from files.
- Bug #1455: Vector::InitFromSequentialFile didn't work due to "filler" lines in Matlab format.
- Bug #1452: Reloading Petsc Vector didn't work as expected.
- Support #1451: PetscVector::AreEqual now also investigates the ghosts.
- __Design #1454__: PetscVector: modify the API of some methods to be more in line with the rest of the library.
## Core
- __Design #1456__: MoReFEMData: remove the awkward option to provide an additional subdirectory.
## Geometry:
- Bug #1445: Bug corrected in WriteMedit: ghosts were also required in the conversion array!
- Bug #1448: Mesh::AreVolumesBuilt() implementation was faulty.
- Bug #1449: Way of computing number of vertices, edges, faces and volume after processor reduction has been improved.
- Bug #1450: Exception about interface not built was not properly handled.
## FiniteElement
- Design #1458: GodOfDof: modifying the underlying structure behind GetOutputDirectoryForNumberingSubset().
## Test
- Support #1272: Convert the FromVertexMatching test to activate it in the test suite.
- Support #1457: Set the timeout for each test.
- Bug #1442: Gitlab-CI: the warning check for macOS failed as an alpine Docker image was assumed and a shell runner was actually used
## Scripts
- Bug #1447: script didn't work in macOS due to bad module path.
## XCode
- Support #1446: XCode class template: use C++ 17 namespace liberality to avoid many indenting stages.
# v19.27.2
......@@ -35,6 +77,10 @@ Starting from v18.47, the ticket numbers in bold are those that might break comp
- Bug #1434: CMake install was not properly updated and libmeshb includes were not found due to this mistake in external models.
- Bug #1440: Fix a bug in release config file (wrong path for libmeshb library).
## Ongoing tickets
- Feature #1443: Introduce a two step parallelism run to make better use of memory (and it's a step to restart as well). Mesh may be reloaded completely from pre-partitioned data.
# v19.27
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