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add tests directory and update

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......@@ -124,7 +124,8 @@ function createGatbCoreDirectory(){
cp -r $GATB_CORE_PATH/tools $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/gatb-core/ || ERR=1
cp $GATB_CORE_PATH/CMakeLists.txt $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/gatb-core/ || ERR=1
cp $GATB_CORE_PATH/LICENCE $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/gatb-core/ || ERR=1
cp $GATB_CORE_PATH/ $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/gatb-core/ || ERR=1
cp $GATB_CORE_PATH/../ $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/gatb-core/ || ERR=1
cp $GATB_CORE_PATH/ $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/gatb-core/ || ERR=1
cp $GATB_CORE_PATH/ $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/gatb-core/ || ERR=1
printf "$1- Preparing GATB-Core link...\n"
......@@ -140,6 +141,7 @@ function createOtherFiles(){
local MSG1="Place here the documentation of your tool, then remove this file."
local MSG2="Place here any other third-party librairies this tool relies on."
local MSG3="Place here test suites: scripts and/or small/medium sized data files."
printf "$1- Copying other files...\n"
# We copy the default README
......@@ -152,6 +154,8 @@ function createOtherFiles(){
echo $MSG2 | tee $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty/README || ERR=1
cp $GATB_CORE_PATH/ $PROJECT_DIR/thirdparty || ERR=1
mkdir $PROJECT_DIR/tests || ERR=1
echo $MSG3 | tee $PROJECT_DIR/tests/README || ERR=1
printf " done\n"
# About XXX
#About XXX
This is a software tool relying on GATB-CORE library.
......@@ -9,13 +8,15 @@ The architecture of the tool is as follows:
* a 'tools' directory holding a default source code using GATB-Core
* a 'scripts' directory holding a script to automatically package the tool
* a 'thirdparty' directory holding the gatb-core resources
* a 'doc' tool
* a 'doc' directory
* a 'tests' directory holding test procedures
The 'thirdparty' directory is only available for tool created outside the GATB-Tools repository.
Tools located within GATB-Tools rely on a common GATB-Core sub-module already available in this repository.
It is advised to use:
* 'tests' directory to hold test procedures: scripts and/or small sized data files
* 'scripts' directory to hold any scripts this tool relies on
* 'doc' directory to hold tool's documentation
* 'thirdparty' directory to hold any third-party librairies this tool relies on
......@@ -29,20 +30,17 @@ each feature. Using this organisation has a big advantage: the provided CMakeLis
that, so you do not have to edit the CMake file when you add a new "sub-tool". As a real example, you
can have a look at the DiscoSNP software.
# License
Please not that GATB-Core is distributed under Affero-GPL license.
# Dependencies
The following third parties should be already installed:
* cmake (mandatory)
* cmake 2.8+ (mandatory)
# Project build
#Project build
For building your project, you should do the following
......@@ -53,8 +51,7 @@ Then, you should get a binary holding the name of the project within 'build/tool
Note: the first compilation should take some time since the GATB-CORE library is generated.
# Project packaging
#Project packaging
You can prepare your tool for distribution using:
......@@ -67,8 +64,7 @@ and the other the source codes.
Note: the script re-builds the entire tool from its sources to ensure a clean build process.
# Examples
The project is created with a default 'main' function that dumps some information about the library.
......@@ -85,8 +81,7 @@ For instance:
WARNING: some examples use on purpose lambda expressions, so you will need a compiler supporting this feature for this examples.
# Binaries from gatb-core
#Binaries from gatb-core
After the project build, some gatb-core binaries are available here: 'ext/gatb-core/bin'
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