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update delivery process to use both Inria Forge and Github

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......@@ -5,30 +5,14 @@ A delivery is made of two files:
* binary archive
* source archive
It is possible to use CMake for building such a delivery. When you invoke 'cmake',
you have to specify the version number like this:
cmake -DMAJOR=1 -DMINOR=2 -DPATCH=11 ..
To create a new release, simply use the script 'script/
For better compatibility, you might want to create a static binary, by replacing
the above command line with:
It is worth noting that this script can only be used by Inria's Genscale team members since it requires an access to the officiel GATB-CORE repository hosted on Inria Forge.
cmake -Dstatic=1 -DMAJOR=1 -DMINOR=2 -DPATCH=11 ..
Then, you can use a 'delivery' target with:
make delivery
This target will both produce the binary and source archives and then upload them on
the GForge server.
You can have the list of available targets for delivery with:
make delivery_help
More at
There is a target for this:
make delivery_dump
Go to
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