Commit 215d3664 authored by BENOIT Gaetan's avatar BENOIT Gaetan
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repart multi bank

parent dfbd277f
......@@ -414,6 +414,7 @@ void RepartitorAlgorithm<span>::computeRepartition (Repartitor& repartitor)
BankStats bstatsDummy;
u_int64_t nbseq_sample = (_config._estimateSeqNb / _config._nb_banks) * 0.01;
nbseq_sample = max((u_int64_t)nbseq_sample, (u_int64_t)100000);
std::vector<Iterator<Sequence>*> itBanks = _bank->iterator()->getComposition();
......@@ -432,10 +433,42 @@ void RepartitorAlgorithm<span>::computeRepartition (Repartitor& repartitor)
for(size_t i=0; i<_config._nb_banks; i++){
u_int64_t nbseq_sample_ = min(nbseq_sample, u_int64_t (500000));
TruncateIterator<Sequence>* it = new TruncateIterator<Sequence> (*(itBanks[i]), nbseq_sample_);
serialDispatcher.iterate (it, sampleRepart);
//u_int64_t nbseq_sample_ = min(nbseq_sample, u_int64_t (500000));
//TruncateIterator<Sequence>* it = new TruncateIterator<Sequence> (*(itBanks[i]), nbseq_sample_);
//serialDispatcher.iterate (it, sampleRepart);
CancellableIterator<Sequence>* cancellable_it = new CancellableIterator<Sequence> (*(itBanks[i]));
//cout << nbseq_sample << endl;
/** We create a sequence iterator and give it a progress message */
Iterator<Sequence>* it_all_reads = createIterator<Sequence> (
Stringify::format (progressFormat0, bankShortName.c_str()).c_str()
LOCAL (it_all_reads);
BankStats bstatsDummy;
size_t currentPass = 0;
/** We compute a distribution of Superkmers from a part of the bank. */
SerialDispatcher serialDispatcher;
serialDispatcher.iterate (it_all_reads, SampleRepart<span> (
1, // we don't care about the actual number of passes, we just use 1
0, // we don't care about the actual number of passes, the current one is 0
&(cancellable_it->_cancel), // will be set to true when iteration needs to be stopped
nbseq_sample, // how many sequences we need to see
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