Commit 48dc0151 authored by POGODALLA Sylvain's avatar POGODALLA Sylvain
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Comment dune file

parent c18dd913
......@@ -33,7 +33,8 @@
(with-stdout-to data_parser.messages.automatic (run menhir --base data_parser --list-errors %{parsers})))
;; Rule to generate the message file
;; Rule to generate the message file by updating previously existing
;; message file
(deps (:parsers file_parser.mly lex_parser.mly sig_parser.mly term_type_parser.mly bound_term_parser.mly))
......@@ -41,11 +42,16 @@
;; alias to check whether automatic new messages have been generated
;; after updating the grammar
(name update)
(action (diff data_parser.messages
;; alias to check that all the messages in data_parser.messages
;; containts all the error listed in data_parser.messages.automatic
;; which is complete (generated by --list-errors)
(name check_all_messages)
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