Commit 14e12928 authored by POGODALLA Sylvain's avatar POGODALLA Sylvain

a script file to manage the svn:ignore propery has been added

parent 1caa7204
#DIRECTORIES=`find . -name "*.svn" -prune -o \( -type d -print \)`
#IGNORE_PATTERNS="acg acgc acg.opt acgc.opt *.ps *.dot"
#Pour supprimer les doublons
DIRECTORIES=`find . -name "*.svn" -prune -o \( -type d -print \)`
#DIRECTORIES=`find . -name "scripting" `
#DIRECTORIES=`find . -name "datalog" `
#IGNORE_PATTERNS="test test.opt"
for file in $DIRECTORIES ; do
if `svn proplist $file | grep "svn:ignore" > /dev/null` ; then
svn propget svn:ignore $file | sort -u > $TEMP_FILE
for pattern in $IGNORE_PATTERNS ; do
echo $pattern >> $TEMP_FILE ;
done ;
printf "updating the svn:ignore property on the repository: %s\n" $file
# cat $TEMP_FILE
svn propset svn:ignore -F $TEMP_FILE $file
\ No newline at end of file
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